South Patagonia Antarctic Expedition Latin Tour Dimensions

Patagonia is home to a community of Welsh immigrants who have preserved the culture and language of their homeland. Patagonia’s Hotel & Spa facilities include a large central space with a welcoming open fire, living room, bars and libraries. Patagonia is at the end of the earth. If you are traveling to Patagonia, Latin Tour Dimensions advice you some things to take care about:

Take cash with you if you are traveling around by car, as in some areas it’s hard to find an ATM.

Don´t expect to find mobile signal everywhere.

If you’ve never been hiking in your life and you’re planning on completing the 9 day in Patagonia, carry a full pack of kit and food, good navigation, maps and compass etc.

Plenty of fresh bottled water and carry water purifying tabs if needed.

The weather conditions can change rapidly here in the mountains anytime, always have warm clothing that is accessible and lots of sunscreen for the sometimes extreme sun.

Patagonia Latin Tour Dimension


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