Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions Iguazu/Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls is a never to be missed Argentinian wonder. You can catch the glimpse of breathtaking views of the Iguazu Falls with Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions & the multitude activities such as Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit, Devil’s Throat and Train of the Forest. The falls are unequally divided between the Argentina and Brazil where you the different views of these falls. You get the grand overview in Brazil of Iguassu and a closer look at Argentina. More th2n 250+ falls spread over 3Kms wide and 260ft higher makes it more beautiful than Niagra and Victoria.


Iguazu falls are surrounded by a tropical forest names Iguassuu National Park which gives shelter to 1100 different birds and mammals species. The amazing and thrilling part of this Latin Tour Dimensions tour is the speed boat ride in the falls of Argentina. Tourists need to confirm their VISA to enter both sided of falls as  it compromises  both the countries.


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