Virgin Islands National Park

Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions

Undoubtedly Caribbean is the first choice for the honeymooners but except them it is also very good place for the nature lovers and are attracted by the nature. In fact,natural wonders of the Caribbean are the main reasons to compelled the visitors to leave the surrounds of their luxury hotels & comforts of. The hospitality of Caribbean accommodations are very famous in the world and it’s very divine to laze sitting around by the pool whole day, but get out and explore! The following top three natural wonders are a must-visit.

Virgin Islands National Park :- Nature lovers must thank to Laurence Rockefeller for the Virgin Islands National Park. The main attraction of this park is coral reefs and oceans which are totally surrounded by the park. The tropical forests are also the attraction center of the park.Because of a notable exception, there is are no hotels and resorts inside the park.

El Yunque National Forest :-It is only the single tropical rain forest under the United States Forests System.nature lover can enjoy lots of things here. In this forest nature lovers will find around 50 types of orchids and more than 240 tree species. 23 of them are found nowhere else in the world. Two extremely rare endemic bird species call the forest home as well, the elfin-woods warbler and Puerto Rican parrot.

 Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary:- It is recognized internationally as the world’s first jaguar shelter.There are lots of different new things for the visitors in the park.Hundred of unfamiliar species of flowers, mammals and plants are lives here.


Martinique:Nature burst clearly everywhere in the parks of Martinique, which make up about two-thirds of the island, including around Mount Pelée volcano. The superb gardens of the park really show to the visitors how appropriate the name of park


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