Points to make checklist for vacation planning!!

Tickets in hands don’t make you well prepared for the vacations. Control your emotions and excitements. Make a check list of essential things and preparation for your vacations. There are lots of things which we need to carry along so that our vacations remain pleasant. Latin Tour Dimensions are going to share with you helpful post for vacations in Colombia.


Read below mentioned points:

1. Visas – If you are planning to Colombia, then check your visas first. Like other countries, Colombian Government can also change the visa requirements. So Latin tour dimensions suggest you to recheck the visa requirements before leaving for vacations.

2. Travel Insurance – Mostly tour operators includes Traveling insurance in the package. But if you are traveling independently then you must have a traveling insurance. Look around for best deals in insurance.

3. Vaccinations – Carry your first aid medicines along with you. Make a check list of those medicines with which you or you any family member or friend is allergic.

4. Language Preparation – Spanish is Columbia’s local language. Learn some phrases in local language will make your vacation ease and can enhance your excitement. With this small initiative, language will no longer be problem for you during vacations.

5. Safety – Do some research work about the country’s local issues like fraud, cheating, social crimes , thefts and others.

6. Currency – Keep some local currency along with you. But don’t carry all. Otherwise use cards for withdraw. And keep in mind to carry your debit and credit cards too. Keep some US dollars with you because they can easily get converted into Colombian Pesos.

7. Confirm flights – Make sure that your flights are confirmed and there is no change in timings before closing your house door. You can check via confirmation call also regarding the flight’s timing.

So at last, if you are done with all the points, you can say that you are prepared for you vacations and so you can enjoy your vacations without worries.

Gear yourself up and pick your luggage. Colombia is calling you!!!!


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