Latin Tour


Are you going to plan a vacation? Thinking about beaches, crystal clear water and sky, greenery of palm trees, exotic sea food can make you excited. There are number of locations in the world surrounded by these natural beauties but Costa Rica is just like heaven.

Last year, Britian’s The Guardian, called Costa Rica one of the happiest and lavished with greenery location on this planet. Costa Rica has highest Environment Sustainability. As population of Costa Rica is Very less so, having very less pollution. The air and water of Costa Rica is very pure. This is the reason that why people should go to Costa Rica.

Latin Tour Dimensions

Latin Tour Dimensions will make your vacations reasonable and affordable in your budget as comparing to others. Costa Rica is also famous for its biodiversity. Costa Rica is hub of different species of Birds and fishes. There are number of parks which can make your vacations as Eco tour with enjoyment. Latin tour dimensions have number of packages like Honeymoon Package, Family Package, Self Designed Vacation Package facility is also available.

Latin Tour

As far as health concern, there are number of places where plain tap water id banned to drink. But in Costa Rica, You can also drink tap water directly. Because it is very pure. Distilled water is also available every where. The hospitals of Costa Rica are world wide famous and having international certification. They are built on International standards.

In Costa Rica, Crime Rate is very low. Book your accommodation for the ease. There are number of resorts or hotels having private security for making sure your security.


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